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Astrid 11

Harper's Apricot Sparkle

Harper's Apricot Sparkle

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"Harper's Apricot Sparkle" is a captivating and effervescent lip shade that captures the essence of ripe apricots kissed by the sun. This lip color is adored for its sheer and glittering charm, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a fresh and playful look. With its translucent apricot hue and a sprinkle of dazzling glitter, "Harper's Apricot Sparkle" drapes your lips in a shimmering and fruity glow, reminiscent of the glistening dew on apricots in the morning light. It exudes an aura of youthful radiance and effervescence, ensuring a vivacious and enchanting appearance that sparkles like the first rays of dawn on a summer day.

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